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Curtis Lumber will design a storage solution or building that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Our choice of quality lumber and siding will provide a building solution that lasts. These solid yet versatile buildings are developed to meet all of your storage needs. Even your vehicle or boat will feel at home! Many of our garages and pole barns feature enclosed workspaces. You can purchase one of our pre-designed kits or we will help you design a building package as diverse as you are. We'll help you enhance your yard with twice the storage space, different siding and roofing colors, and trim choices to complement the natural beauty of your lawn, outdoor living space and home.

What exactly do I receive when I purchase a building package from Curtis Lumber?
Can I return or exchange the material used for my building package?
Is the building package I'm purchasing suitable for my area?
Can I customize your "pre-designed" building packages?
Will Curtis Lumber deliver my building package materials?
Can you ship your building packages outside of your 22 store locations? Can you ship them to other states?
Will someone help me assemble my building package?
Customize your building packages: More or different windows - Colored vinyl siding, Pine, Cedar, T-11, or Metal Siding - Garage Door Styles, Sizes and colors, Entry Door Options - Roof shingle styles and colors - Trim options - Shelves, ramps, benches
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