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10 Easy Marketing Tips to Generate Customers

Doing quality work is easy; getting customers to buy your services can be a challenge. While marketing is a key part of every business, many times it is overlooked. We've worked with thousands of contractors & builders and made a list of the most important (and easiest) steps to generate more business for your company. These tips are designed to help you develop a branded image and get your name & reputation known. Ultimately, this will generate more new business and help to increase your volume of referrals.

1. Hand Out Business Cards
2. Maintain a Clean Image
3. Provide Professional Estimates & Billing
4. Place Your Business Signs at your Jobsites
5. Join our Contractor Directory *Coming Soon*
6. Become a Member of your Local Home Builders' Association
7. Purchase a Booth at your Local Home Show
8. Volunteer in your community
9. Develop a Line Card of your Services
10. Create a Website

1. Hand Out Business Cards - Business cards are one of the most important and best ways to establish a your business image. Not only do they contain all of your contact information and company's name, they're easy to carry and give you a level of professionalism that simply cannot be achieved without a card. Print a short description of the services you offer on the back and promote your website if you have one. Be sure to keep them with you at all times to give them out whenever you meet someone who might be interested in your services. Staple your cards to bids, invoices, leave them with friends; post them in local businesses to develop leads. Most importantly, return all phone calls, from active and potential customers, as soon as possible. Be on time for appointments, and live up to your promises before, during, and even after the job is finished!

2. Clean Image - Unfortunately, nothing beats a good first impression. Much of how a customer will view the quality of your work will be based on you, your employees' and your equipment's appearance. Keeping your truck in good condition, free of rust and washed regularly will go a long way in getting you the job. Adding your logo and company name to your vehicle and clothing can also increase your exposure. Be sure the clothes you wear when you meet a customer for the first time are clean and in good condition. Creating company-name T-Shirts is a basic, inexpensive way to be sure that you and your employees are always looking professional on the jobsite.

3. Provide Professional Estimates and Billing - Purchase preprinted stationary and create business-like estimates. Most word processing software contains templates that you can easily customize to improve the professional quality of your bids and invoices. Would you trust your home and family to someone who scribbled a few numbers on a piece of paper? You can avoid many billing problems by providing easy to understand bills.

4. Place Signs at Jobsites - Don't miss out on the perfect opportunity to showcase your work. If you are painting a house, building a deck, or digging a foundation, proudly display your company's name and contact information. This simple step is a great way to showcase the quality of work that you do. Don't be surprised by the number of leads that this will generate. Neighbors, friends and strangers will feel more comfortable stopping by the jobsite to talk about their project. Curtis Lumber can help you by providing jobsite signs for your business; ask your sales rep for more information.

5. Join our Contractor Directory -As our way of supporting our loyal contractor customers, Curtis Lumber offers a listing on our Contractor Directory. Curtis Lumber's sales team will refer customers to our directory when seeking a contractor for their Home Improvement Project. Having your business listed on our directory will provide leads. Frequently, we advertise and promote the directory on the radio, in newspapers and more, providing you with even more free advertising. There are some minimum qualifications to be listed, speak with your salesperson for more information. *Please note we are currently changing this program to better serve you. Listings may not be available at this time.

6. Join your Local Builders' Association - Your local Builders Association is a great way to network with other contractors and learn more about what is happening in the local building community. Strong relationships with other contractors lead to recommendations when they cannot accommodate a customer's needs. Local HBAs also have referral services on their website and may offer joint advertising. Some HBAs offer warranty and insurance programs at a significant discount. Click the Builders Associations link for the association in your area.

7. Purchase a Booth at your Local Home Show - Home Shows are a great opportunity to meet hundreds of people interested in Home Improvement. At the Home Show, a simple booth that shows photos of your past work, business name, and product literature (see your salesperson) will attract potential customers to your booth. Be sure to have plenty of business cards and take the time to write down leads to follow up.

8. Volunteer in your Community - There are always many organizations and community events that require volunteers to organize and execute. Skilled labor is always in demand. Not only will you develop relationships with fellow workers and give back to the community, it is possible that you may gain free press coverage. People want to do business with their friends and others that share the same appreciation for their cause.

9. Develop a Line Card of Your Services - Like a business card, a line card is an excellent tool to give potential customers an overview of your business. Frequently, customers will hold onto a line card and refer to it in the future. A line card should be appealing to the eye, with your company's logo and business name proudly displayed. It also should include examples of your work, a description of services you offer and contact information. Think of it as a simple catalog that customers can use as a quick reference for all the services you offer.

10. Create a Website - A website makes it easy for your customers to learn all about your business. The web is the ideal place to show potential customers examples of your work, a list of your services, past customers' testimonials and much more. Many times you can find local companies that specialize in creating websites for small business to help or find one online. Prices can range from free to thousands, depending on your needs and size of your business. If your website contains an email address, incoming email must be treated like a phone call and followed up on immediately. Potential customers insist on responses to their inquiries.

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